Betsy Palmer brings the Bell Witch to life with her chilling voice over performance.

 Palmer,  famed for her career in television, film and stage, is known as a  legendary "scream queen."  In her first film, Mr. Roberts (1955), she  starred as a young female officer opposite Jack Lemmon.  In addition to  acting, she was a news reporter for "The Today Show on NBC" throughout  the late '50s.  In 1980, Palmer chose a pivotal role in her career  playing Jason Voorhies' mother in the original Friday the 13th - a role  that established her as an icon in the genre of horror film.



 John David Hart portrays John Bell, the strong and religious father of  the Bell family who is particularly tormented by the mysterious spirit.

 Hart  began his career in the entertainment business with a move to Nashville  in 1985, where he began writing and recording songs for Milene Music  and MCA Records. To date, Hart is best known for writing the theme song  for NBC’s “Man of the People,” starring James Garner, and singing  Chevrolet’s timeless jingle, “Heartbeat of America.” In addition to his  musical notoriety, Hart has been seen in over 2,500 commercials  nationwide. 



 Cody Newton portrays Williams Bell, the young, adventurous son of John and Lucy Bell.

 Newton  is a film veteran at fifteen having starred in six Hallmark feature  films as well as “X-Files the Movie,” “The Runaways,” and “The  Bricklayer,” opposite Sidney Portier. Portier says that, “Newton is a  brilliant young actor and a pleasure to work with.” The cast and crew of  BELL WITCH: The Movie could not agree more. 



 Hope Banks portrays Betsy Bell, the daughter of John and Lucy Bell and the object of much ghostly attention.

 Banks graduate from the University of Tennessee where she  earned her B.A. in Speech Pathology. Immediately following college,  Banks entered the Tennessee Conservatory of Fine Arts where she studied  ballet, jazz, and modern dance. Banks now resides in Los Angeles where  she concentrates on acting, Producing as well as continuing to write award winning  poetry and other original materials.




 Donna K. Pearson portrays Lucy Bell, the loving, supportive wife of John Bell.

 Pearson,  an East Tennessee native, began her career in theme park entertainment  before earning credits on the television series “Christy” and bringing  to life characters in “Steel Magnolias,” “The Crucible,” and “Driving  Miss Daisy” on stage. In addition to her leading role in BELL WITCH: The  Movie, Pearson is putting her acting abilities to use for the United  States government serving as a character guide for v.i.p. groups in the  Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 



 Todd Green portrays Joshua Gardner, a neighboring farmer boy and Betsy Bell’s true love.

 Green  is currently pursuing his degree in education, but in his free time he  enjoys writing, singing, and playing guitar. His philosophy on life is  to “never forget that dreams become reality when you take the chance to  dance with life.” Believing in his own philosophy has truly paid off for  this young, rising star. 



 Beverly Gwinn Jones portrays Kate Batts, a harsh woman whose quirky personality makes her the object of suspicion.

 Jones,  an artist by trade, has been a character actor since high school.  However, the stage alone could not hold Jones as she ventured into film  in the late 70s with “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” starring Sissy Spacek and  then made for TV movies with Jerry Reed and Andy Griffith. During the  80s, Jones served as a top retail agent in the record industry working  with legends such as Sting and Bob Seger. These days, Jones has returned  to her acting roots, both onscreen in Bell Witch the Movie and onstage  in roles such as Miss Hannigan in “Annie.” Jones says she returned to it  all because, “this was a part that I could throw all of my years of  hard work into and bring Kate to life right here in Tennessee.” 



 Jeff Kunard portrays John Bell, Jr., the responsible eldest son of John and Lucy Bell.

 Kunard  is a graduate from West Point Military Academy with a  B.S. in Operations Research. Shortly after graduation, the Army’s World  Class Athletic Program sponsored and trained Kunard for the U.S.  Olympic Handball Team. Not one to rest on his accomplishments, Kunard  began a successful career in modeling, appeared on “Temptation Island,”  and was named Atlanta’s most eligible bachelor by “Jezebel” magazine  before relocating to Los Angeles.  He is also known for "Accidentally on Purpose" and "Fashion House" among others.



Emily  Brobst was born on October 24, 1984 in Wisconsin, USA. She is known for  her work on Godzilla (2014), Django Unchained (2012) and The Hunger  Games: Catching Fire (2013). for her complete list check out her IMDB page. 

Emily Brobst portrays the spirit who torments the Bell family unmercifully.

 Brobst  began her acting career in the theater playing roles including Mammy  Yokum in “Little Abner,” Frenchie in “Grease,” and Anybodys in “West  Side Story.” Although Brobst may be young, she is only 18, her  contribution to the film’s “fright factor” is incredible. The Tennessee  native says that she chose this role because, “bringing to life a movie  about something that happened in my home state is a huge thrill for me.” This was Emily's first on screen performance but since then she has gone on to do over 106 major motion pictures.

 She is known for  her work on Godzilla, Django Unchained, The Hunger  Games: Catching Fire. Independence Day: Resurgence, The Walking Dead, The Highwaymen -Netflix 2019.  For her complete list check out her IMDB page.