director Shane Marr

 With  extensive background in film and television,  Shane Marr has strong  roots in the entertainment industry. His formal education includes  training at a one-time film school in association with Steven Spielberg  at Universal Studios Florida. After a thorough film education, he chose  to remain at Universal Studios Florida where he opened an office in the  Universal Studios Film Complex building 22, produced and directed many  award winning films and documentaries, and began teaching film classes  at Full Sail University. He then moved his company to Santa Monica, CA  where he continued to produce and direct before moving his company back  home to the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. With a solid film  background and interest in new technology, Shane began shooting in High  Definition  early on and has now worked in that medium for over fifteen  years. Since 1999, Shane has served as the CEO of Cinemarr Studios, a  post production facility focused on High Definition, 3D, 8K and beyond.
Thus  far in his career, Shane has won 13 FMPTA Crystal Reel Awards, Thirteen  TELLY Awards, Two AXIEM Awards, a Videographer Award of Distinction,  has twice won  
at the Houston Worldfest for Best Director, and is proud to announce  that three of his productions have been accepted to the Macao China  International Digital Cinema Film Festival and Entertainment Technology  Expo.